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Alicia provided practical lactation advice and options for us when we were struggling with low weight gain in our newborn. She was sympathetic and gracious when handing out news I didn’t really want to hear, as well as being patient and helpful through our follow-up questions and concerns. Things looked pretty bleak to me, but her encouragement in valuing the breastfeeding relationship even in the midst of supplementation pushed me to keep going and cling to what we had. Over time, my milk supply rebounded beautifully, and we are very thankful to be supplement free! -Kate

I am so grateful for Alicia! My baby had both tongue tie and lip tie. They started me with a shield at the hospital and sure enough we ended up bottle feeding him due to the fact that he could simply not latch due to the ties. When we visited Alicia she knew by one look that our son needed some cranial work done to help reshape his skull. She reassured us that with some work, we could get our son nursing again. We had some big things waging against us and getting him to latch, but each week I went in to see Alicia she encouraged me to keep going and to be patient. She saw the progress and success even when I couldn’t. At 7 weeks, my son started nursing and we have been getting better and better at it since (because it is a team effort)! He is now 9 weeks going on 10 weeks. I could not be more grateful to Alicia for her help in getting me here! It took a lot of work, but with Alicia’s expert advice, exercises, support, etc…we are now able to bond and feed our baby the way God intended us to do so! I would recommend her to any momma that is having issues with nursing, latching, or just moral support! SHE IS GREAT! -Bridget


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